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What Is Send us Your Music?


Send Us Your Music is back! The ever so wonderful people at Channel 5 loved your music so much that we're launching SUYM all over again giving you the change to have your tracks synced and featured on various promos, programs and indents.

If that hasn't got your juices flowing enough, you will also be in for the chance to win your own music video which includes a brainstorming meeting with the creative lot behind it and of course using all of their swanky equipment.

Rich Thrift, Creative Director for Channel 5 says,

"This is great opportunity for bands to get a slick music promo for nothing. Simple. We have a wealth of directors who have worked on all kinds of clips for a variety of artists over the years, and they have been loving the tracks we have been getting in since SUYM started. The idea came from them itching to work with some of these bands. You bring the music and we'll make it look amazing."

He's said it all! So without further ado give these terms and conditions a little read and you're off.




What Is Sentric Music?

Sentric Music is the UK's fastest growing independent publisher and is home to thousands of UK based artists. Their service is available to any UK artist who is unpublished and creates original music; offering worldwide royalty collection from gigs and radio/TV exposure, synchronisation placements and industry advice. Not sure what music publishing is? Then click here to read about the basics.

In order to submit music for the Send Us Your Music campaign, you will need to sign up to Sentric Music's free award winning service.

Not only will this enable you to submit music for use on TV, it will also enable you to collect performance royalties for your gigs.

As well as helping you to make money from your music, we produce opportunities for licensing your music, performing live and discounts from our brilliant partners.

To find how you can make the most of Sentric Music click here.


Why Channel 5 & Sentric Music?


In January 2011, Sentric Music became an exclusive provider of music for Channel 5's network of stations in the UK. This deal has seen Sentric Music's artists have their music featured on TV on a daily basis, you can see just a few examples by clicking here. To celebrate this partnership, we've opened up the opportunity to any UK based unsigned/independent artist. Any artist featured will not only receive great exposure, but also performing royalties which should be seen as an essential income stream to any unsigned artist.

To find out more about Channel 5 please click here.

To find out more about Sentric Music please click here and to read Channel 5's terms and conditions please click here.